A love letter from The Love Trust to their volunteers: Re a leboga!

A love letter from The Love Trust to their volunteers: Re a leboga!

We celebrated National Volunteers Month in April, and we present this love letter to all our volunteers, both inside and outside The Love Trust, who have dedicated their time and expertise to us and our initiatives and with the aim of providing quality, holistic education to the most vulnerable learners in our community.

Thank you to our Corporate and Individual Volunteers:

According to Martin Morrison, our CEO and Founder, We have the most amazing donors out there … and it’s so wonderful to have donors and partners in different ways… people who give their time, their expertise. So, they may not be giving money, but they may be giving very sophisticated expertise, financial, legal and in management areas, where we have people who volunteer their time, to help us grow this organization. And so what a joy and privilege for us to be able to work with these types of people.

Deeper bonds with our Corporate Partners:

Dr. Jerry Gule, the Chairman of The Love Trust highlights that part of the philosophy that we have, as The Love Trust, is that we certainly ought to collaborate. We are in an ecosystem and in this ecosystem, you have many partners, just find your niche, but don’t forget to learn from other people or organizations. Slowly, we have a way of dealing with the so called almost seemingly insurmountable challenge that that we face. The fact is, we cannot ignore it, we ignore it at our peril. You can’t have the sea of poverty and an island of means – we need to try and bridge the gap. If we put our heads together, we can overcome this as a community, as a society, as a nation and, of course, as the world. But it will take dedication.

Dr. Gule further reiterates that for-profit organizations can actually do such a lot: they have skills, funding and there are people they can deploy to make a difference. Sometimes it’s just removing cumbersome bureaucratic systems and replacing them with simple systems that can help an NGO run better. They can also second their own people for short periods so that NPOs can do what they need to do, better. From his work experience, he knows that when corporate social responsibility started, in essence in South Africa, and companies started to have policies around it they allowed their staff to volunteer for certain causes that they’re passionate about.

Corporates can help the NPOs a lot by seconding staff and, of course, where they have the means, to donate financially to assist these organizations. But don’t just donate and walk away: hold those NPOs accountable, he concludes.

Adopt a learner project – Teachers:

The desire to bring about change in a child’s life and prospects through education is in our DNA, to the extent that our Nokuphila School teachers continue to nurture and mentor and teach past pupils by volunteering their time after hours. Teachers from grade four and up can voluntarily “adopt” a learner who they then tutor beyond their term at Nokuphila providing pastoral care and guidance. That the learners have graduated and  left does not mean to say that we are completely separated.

Thanks to Staff and In-House Volunteers

Our staff go the extra mile every day and during these times of Covid they went above and beyond to make sure that all the regulations, all the PPE, everything was in place and is in place to ensure the health and safety of learners, visitors, and each other.  Many people just  sacrificially went out of their way to serve and to help.

In closing, Morrison concludes that like anything of value, there’s a lot of blood sweat and tears. We make lots of mistakes. We don’t get everything right. Sometimes we fall in the mud. We thank God because he’s drawn together this family of people from different backgrounds, different expertise, different resources.

Interested in Volunteering at The Love Trust?

Change lives with us. We would be pretty lost without those who give their time and talents.

Here are a few ways for you to share:

  • Host an event and encourage your friends to join our Sponsor a Child programme.
  • Adopt The Love Trust as a beneficiary of an event.
  • Volunteer your skills from home or office or at our Nokuphila Campus in Tembisa by helping with a whole range of things from gardening, maintenance, admin support, coaching, music, therapy, reading and writing with children, graphic design, just to name a few.
  • Help us bring life skills and other personal development to our students so we help them to be a step ahead and improve their market access.

For more contact us at info@lovetrust.co.za or call us on +27 11 318 2481.