Personal experiences: beneficiaries and a teacher on how COVID-19 affected their lives

Personal experiences: beneficiaries and a teacher on how COVID-19 affected their lives

Personal experiences from a Parent

As a parent I have cancelled fear in my home by ensuring I don’t spread emotions related to fear and anger about the pandemic we are faced with. I have also reassured my children that God is in the centre of it all and we will be protected if we adapt to new changes. Lockdown period has given us time to practice quietude, patience and time to appreciate people placed in our lives and made space for creativity.

As a parent I have learnt to be empathetic with myself and with others. In this period, I have learnt to evaluate information before spreading something false. In this period, I recognise everyone’s effort and see that everyone is trying their best not for the family but for the community, and nation.

Personal experiences from a Teacher

This is a scary experience to me. As a child of God, I understand that I should not fear but fear grips me now and again when I watch the national and world news about Covid-19 and when I receive videos from people who say they are COVID-19 positive and they share their experiences. Sometimes I get an itchy nose or throat and that gets me afraid and worried. What if that is it? I fear for myself and my family because they are closest to me socially. I worry about my aged mother in Zimbabwe.

I think about the children we teach and their families and wonder how they are coping. I fear that the Lockdown may be extended! I fear that the virus will kill many people in Africa. As ladies in our church we pray for 1 hour at 3pm to 4pm every day from day one of the Lockdown up to day 21. We use the same prayer points, Bible based, which we post in our chat group, praying for everyone and everything covering all nations of the world.

Personal experiences from a Learner

COVID-19 is a pandemic and it affects a lot of people. I am a grade 6 learner who is very motivated about my school work, so I try not to fall behind on work. But I have a lot of worries and concerns. I have my textbooks with me so I can go ahead but I cannot understand some things and I need my teachers to help me. So, the longer I stay at home and don’t go to school the more confused I become. I start to fall back and then become under pressure to try and move on.

I am also worried that if school do not open soon, we will be pressed and might not close schools. My mom is making me take online classes to help me but if I go ahead and the rest of the class falls behind it is a problem.