How The Love Trust is developing young learners with bright futures.

How The Love Trust is developing

young learners with bright futures.

Nokuphila School is paving the way towards achieving South Africa’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4. The aim of which is for all children to have inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning opportunities. This is exemplified through their two bursary recipients, Lungile Kekana, at St John’s College, and Ayanda Khoza, at Christ Church Preparatory School and College – bright young minds with extraordinary futures ahead of them! 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Lungile and Ayanda about their experience at these prestigious schools and their journey getting there: 

What was your reaction when you found out you received the bursary?

Lungile and Ayanda were ecstatic to discover they had each earned a bursary to their schools. Lungile felt validated for all of the hard work that paid off in receiving the bursary to such a prestigious school, proving that determination breeds success.

“I was really happy and moved to tears because I never expected it as I only achieved fourth place in our school’s top 10 for academic achievement. That shows that you need to work hard to get what you want,” says Lungile.

How did you feel when you first arrived at your new school?

Moving to such a new school in a different area, far removed from people and the environment you know and grew up in can be scary. This is especially true for adolescents that are just starting to craft and shape their identities. Naturally, the boys felt lonely and slightly out of step when they first arrived (even Lungile whose older brother attends the same school).

Fortunately, the schools put in the effort to ensure all their learners, regardless of background, feel welcome and are treated fairly and equally. Once they had settled into their new school cultures and rhythm the boys quickly made friends.

“I felt lonely on the first day,” says Ayanda, “but I now feel welcomed and I have a few good friends.”

According to Lungile “It was exciting, but it was a little bit intimidating because the school has its own traditions. For example, there are certain parts of the lawn that are off-limits to Grade 8’s.”

 “It helps that my brother attends the same school but I actually don’t go to him much for help – I’m teaching myself to do things on my own. Sometimes we talk. But this year, I want to try things on my own.”

What role do you think Nokuphila Primary school played in helping you achieve your bursary?

Both Ayanda and Lungile believe that their success is directly tied to their years spent at Nokuphila School. They are aware of the efforts and thankful to the dedicated staff and the school’s holistic teaching approach. The schools approach focuses not only on academics, but the psychosocial well-being of learners, as well as leadership programmes. In addition the school helped them find and apply for these bursaries. 

“I am really happy and aim to make Nokuphila proud,” says Ayanda. “I really thank Nokuphila because it has changed my life. I am really happy and appreciative to God because many learners do not get this opportunity but I got it by His grace.”

Lungile says “I am thankful for the leadership skills that the school instilled in me because if it wasn’t for it, I wouldn’t be here.”

Are there any specific things that you want to achieve while attending your high school?

The boys have had a taste of what is possible through determination and dedication. Now they want to achieve the highest level of excellence at the new schools, both in the classroom, music halls and sports fields.

Ayanda wants to get good academic results, earn his IEB certificate and be a good sportsperson, as his school has good sporting facilities.

Lungile also has many things he wants to achieve, for example, he wants to be the head of house, and he wants to be an academic and a music blazer.

In closing, Lungile had these words to share: “Success won’t come to you, you need to go to it. Dreams won’t wait for you, you need to go to them.”